Passion Conference 2019

About This Project

Visional had the incredible opportunity to provide Avolites Ai media servers and Titan consoles for the 2019 Passion Conference. Passion 2019 was an incredible feat; Four simultaneous in four locations across the country – State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA, Infinite Energy in Duluth, GA, The Anthem Theater in Washington, DC, and the Verizon Theater in Grand Prarie, TX.


We used a single show file in four different arenas with different setups and output layouts, but with identical programming at all Passion Conference locations. All the operator needed to do was select the venue they were in and the output configurations all changed to suit. We aren’t sure if this is the first time this has been done, but it sure feels like we’re pushing the boundaries of what Ai and Titan can do together.




State Farm Arena | Atlanta, GA Infinite Energy | Duluth, GA The Anthem Theater | Washington, DC Verizon Theater | Grand Prarie, TX

Media Servers